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Ng is a and Hakka transliteration of the Chinese surnames / and 伍 , and and transliteration of the Chinese surname / . It is pronounced and 伍 means "five." It is sometimes as ''Ang'', ''Eng'', ''Ing'' and ''Ong'' in the United States and ''Ung'' in Australia.

吴 / 吳 is the 10th most common Chinese surname in the 2006 List of common Chinese surnames, but used to be the 8th most common in 1990.

Notable people with the surname Ng

*John Lone- born 吳國良 changed his Chinese name
*Andrew-Mahon Ng - Notable tea etiquette specialist in Seattle, Washington
*Charles Ng - serial killer from California, USA
*Cheuk-Hung Ng - Notable tea etiquette specialist in Seattle, Washington
*Evelyn Ng - professional poker player from Canada
*Francis Ng - award-winning actor from Hong Kong
*Gregory Ng - award-winning designer and performer as Chelvis: The Chinese Elvis
* - Malaysian actress now living in Pennsylvania, USA
*Kim Ng - United States baseball executive
*Konrad Ng - US Presidential Candidate, Barrack Obama's half-brother-in-law.
*Lawrence Ng - Television Broadcasts Limited actor
*Margaret Ng - member of the of Hong Kong
*Matthew Ng - Two time World Junior Curling Champion
*Melissa Ng - actress from Hong Kong
* - veteran actor in the Hong Kong film industry
*Ron Ng - a Hong Kong TVB actor and singer
*Sandra Ng - award-winning Hong Kong actress

Other uses

* "Ana Ng" is an alternative rock song by the band They Might Be Giants.

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