Monday, October 6, 2008

Peng (surname)

Peng is a common Chinese family name, ranking 35th most common in 2006. Alternate Romanizations include ''Pang'' and ''Phang''.

The character is comprised of 壴 and a pictograph . More commonly used as a surname, this character is also an adjective, meaning "big".

The surname Peng is traced to the legend of Peng Zu , God of Longevity, who legend tells lived 800 years. During the Shang Dynasty, Jian Keng, a descendent of Zhuanxu , was granted the feudal territory Dapeng , and later adopted the name, Peng Zu.

Peng is also a swiss surname, originally from Vals,GR.

People with the surname Peng

* Peng Bo, Olympic diving medalist
* Peng Chong, a former Chinese politburo member
* Peng Dehuai, the Communist Party of China military leader.
* Peng Ming-min, Taiwan independence activist
* Peng Shuai, professional tennis player
* Peng Wan-ru, Taiwanese politician and feminist
* Peng Xiuwen, conductor and composer
* Peng Zhen, a leading member of the Communist Party of China
* Peng Huaying , a Taiwan independence activist during 1920s
* Adrian Pang , Singaporean Chinese actor
* Diana Pang , Hong Kong dancer and actress
* Jacqueline Pang , Hong Kong radio announcer and author
* The Pang Brothers , Hong Kong, twin brothers Danny Pang Fat and Oxide Pang Chun , screenwriters and film directors

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