Monday, October 6, 2008

Ou (surname)

Ou is an English transliteration of the surname, or . It is also transliterated as Au, based on its pronunciation.

Ou is a fairly common surname in Hong Kong. Many Ou's have their ancestral roots in the Zhongshan, Shunde and Panyu areas in Guangdong.

Ou and Ouyang share a common ancestor, from the ruling family of the State of during the Spring and Autumn Period.

Notable people

*Ou Yezi - Spring and Autumn Period. Legendary master of sword-making from the State of .
*Ou Xing - Han Dynasty. Bandit and rebel leader during the reign of Emperor Ling.
*Ou Shizi - Song Dynasty. Attributed author of the Three Character Classic .
*Ou Daren - Ming Dynasty. One of The Latter Five Poets of the Southern Garden .
*Ou Jiaju . Famous Cantonese opera performer, renowned as King of and Mei Lanfang of Guangdong .
*Ou Zhen . General in the army, active in the Second Sino-Japanese War.
* . Hong Kong film director and art director.
* . Current Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China.
* . Hong Kong DJ and folk singer, popular in the '80s.
*Ao Man Long . First of Macau, arrested for alleged involvement in taking serious bribe and irregular financial activity. His official duites were removed.
* . Hong Kong music producer, often in collaboration with Jacky Cheung.
*Ou Chuliang . Retired Chinese football goalkeeper, member of China national football team from 1991 - 2002.
*Au Wai Lun . Retired Hong Kong professional football player, two times Hong Kong Footballer Awards winner.
* . Malaysian writer living in England, author of critically acclaimed novel The Harmony Silk Factory.
* . Award winning Hong Kong music video director, directed many stylish Faye Wong MTV's.
*Au Kin-Yee . Award winning Hong Kong scriptwriter.
*Justin "Kawika" Au . First Openly Homosexual Native Hawaiian.
* . Hong Kong TV actress.
* . Singaporean TV actress.
*Angela Au Man Sze . Hong Kong DJ, former member of group .

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